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2 Common Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most rewarding ways to make money online. It can be extremely lucrative when done correctly. However, as an affiliate marketer you need to know how to successfully market a product that belongs to another company or person. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to create a solid income stream, but it’s not simple. It takes skill and knowledge. Here are two of the most common pitfalls made by new affiliate marketers that ultimately can lead them to fail.

Pitfall #1 Choosing Products to Promote Based on the Size of Commission
This is a common mistake that is made by new affiliate marketers. They look for products that have the highest commission and choose affiliates solely based on the amount of commission paid per sale. However, you need to remember that your goal is to make an income stream that will last long term into your future.

To do that you need more than a crappy product that pays a high commission. You want to start to create trust in your visitors so that they come back and buy from you repeatedly. To do that you need to offer a legitimate product. You also need to try this product and be able to say this is something that you believe in and that you would use. This will build relevance and trust for you and your company and help to create a long-term income stream for you. As you add new products over time, your customers are going to trust what you have to say, and keep buying from you.

Pitfall #2- Affiliates Don’t Build a List
One of the most common mistakes new affiliate marketers make is to send traffic directly to their sales page. The very first thing you need to do to build your affiliate marketing business is to build an e-mail marketing list. If you are sending traffic directly to your sales page you'll get the one commission from them but that's it.

Whereas, if you take the time to build an e-mail marketing list you'll be able to make many commissions off one customer. You will build relationships and therefore long-lasting clients that are already targeted for the product(s) you are offering. Once you've created up list you will be able to market over and over for as long as you want to the same customers, as long as they stay subscribed. Start smart and build your e-mail list first before you do anything else.

Avoid these two pitfalls and you will be on your way to being a successful affiliate marketer.

2 Important Places to Put Your Affiliate Links
It’s a good idea to use multiple strategies when you are building your affiliate income. Don’t place your affiliate links all in the same place. By mixing it up a bit and getting creative, you are going to have a better chance of boosting your affiliate income. Let’s look at two important places to put your affiliate links that will ensure you the most success:

An Extension Page
An extension page resembles a resource page; however, you will do a little bit more with that so that it feels connected and related to your brand.

For example, on my website I sell books on manifesting, and to go with that I have created a page with meditations that my clients can use, and I also provide a number of practices that visitors can try. It is here that I create a call to action where visitors can click on a link that will take them to the affiliate’s page.

It's important to make this process very smooth and create cohesiveness between visiting one site, and buying on another in order for the visitor to complete the purchase.

Consider what you can add to your extension page that will provide your visitor with that extra value. What you want is your visitor to think of this page is somewhere they want to visit to find information they need. When they do this you now have an opportunity to sell them something. When your affiliate links are correctly placed and you provide adequate information that entices them and interest them they are much more likely to click that link and you then will earn a commission.

A Resource Page
Your resource page can be your top earning affiliate page when done correctly. A resource page is simply a page that lists resources that you recommend, and each resource will have a brief description attached to it. In that list is going to be your link to your affiliate marketing program. At is here that there is a high likelihood that your visitor will click that link, and buy the product your affiliate has to offer. This is a win-win for everyone. You make a commission, your visitor gets a product they want, and your affiliate sells their product. A resource page is easy to create and one of the most valuable tools you'll ever place on your blog or website.

Using these two simple strategies will help to increase your income stream from affiliate marketing.